Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jabba the Roy: Prophet.

Jabba the Roy, February 11, 2009:

My friend and Professor Margaret Somerville replies to Joyce Arthurs , who contends the abortion debate is over. I have news for you Joyce, its not. The pro life movement will not be silenced.

Jabba the Roy, May 31, 2009:

Terrible News!

I absolutely denounce this crime. Killing doctors or anyone is evil, regardless of your point of view. Those who did this should be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Killing a man on his way into church is truly despicable.

Sorry, Doc, but when you've yammered on about the evils of abortion year after year, you don't have the moral ground to be outraged when something like this happens. So shut the fuck up, and leave the grieving and mourning for those who aren't worthless, mealy-mouthed hypocrites.

AFTERSNARK: TBogg sums it up nicely.

: Oh, man, this is precious:

Ti-Guy, no matter what the motive, the shooter was acting on prochoice philosophy -- that if somebody's existence troubles you, you have every right to kill them. YOU WHO FORWARD THAT PHILOSOPHY ARE GUILTY, not those of us who argue that you don't solve your personal problems by killing people.

I can't begin to imagine the cripping mental disease behind that kind of thinking.

Add then there's Twatsy, chiming in and rationalizing murder via bogus equivalence. You can't possibly be surprised by that.


Ti-Guy said...

Margaret Somerville is creepy Jabba's friend?

That's it, Maggie. Reputation's irredeemably in the toilet once you become six degrees removed from Hitler.

...Jabba is only five degrees removed.

Ti-Guy said...

And in case Jabba deletes it, this is the comment I left over at his blog:

Anyway, it doesn't matter if you denounce it now. The crime has already been committed and you cannot distance yourself from it. Since you nurture and coddle and aggravate the lunacy by letting the accusations of "murder" and "holocaust" and "moral corruption" go unchallenged and by championing every single article of pseudo-science peddled by frauds with respect to abortion, then you are as guilty as if you had held the gun yourself.

Enjoy another addition to your body count, "Dr"

deBeauxOs said...

Somerville and Roy are both vacuous rightwing sycophants. Friends ...? Probably allies. PredaTory birds of a feather.

LuLu said...

I'm surprised the Army of God hasn't updated their "Nuremberg Files" page yet.

Ti-Guy said...

Lying frauds, both of them. Somerville's the worst, since, apart from not being as cretinous as Jabba, she wilfully confuses her religious morality with ethics, implied to have generalisable or practical application.

If you did a global search and replace on her writing, substituting "ethics" with "morality," it would make an honest woman out of her.

I honestly believe she doesn't understand the difference between the two, or does, but deliberately confuses.

Send her back to Australia, where she belongs. I've had more than enough of this taxpayer-supported intellectual dishonesty.

Ti-Guy said...

*Yuck* One of Jabba's carbuncles talked to me.

KEvron said...

"Add then there's Twatsy"

he began a comment with "according to KEvron..." can you guess what he did next?!


CC said...

I wouldn't worry about anything Twatsy writes, given that he condones the murder of abortion providers. I'm sure he's just revelling in this right now. You know, the way Neo practically creams himself every time another darkie gets snuffed.

These people pretty much crack open the bubbly with every murder.

KEvron said...

"I wouldn't worry about anything Twatsy writes"

how did i ever give that impresion?


KEvron said...

where'd that other ess go?


KEvron said...

deleted by lolroy:

"Well, you can say that if you like, but it doesn't make it true."

i'm starting to think ti-gut is right about you.

"Cyber-stalking my sister isn't going to change that."

your sister?! do tell! is there a family resemblance, the poor dear? of the two of you, who has the larger breasts? my money's on you and your bitch tits.


i never lie. but enough about me; tell us more about your sister. did she help you through puberty?