Sunday, July 23, 2006

Floyd rocks.

And just when you thought the feel-good sports story of the year couldn't get any better, it does.


dveej said...

It's nice to see that "our northern neighbor" is getting its own version of Daily Kos. But just remember, CC: for many of us down here Daily Ios is wayyyy too big and unwieldy to be bothered with: and that is why there is Eschaton. For succinctness.

CC, you can be the Eschaton to The Next Agenda's Daily Kos! That is, people will tune in to you when they want a short, comprehensive take on the Canadian scene.

Then, if they want to spend lots and lots of time poring over excruciating detail, they can go to The Next Agenda.

It's just a suggestion for how your respective blogs might position themselves. No, no, don't thank me.

CC said...

Um ... you might want to repost this on the appropriate posting. Just a thought. :-)

dveej said...

Ooops...that's what I meant to do.

But now I am consumed with shame and therefore shall slink haltingly into the night, muttering bleak don't count on it any time soon.

Flowers and bunnies for all!!