Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh ... this can't end well.

Immediately upon reading this:

The Girl Guides of Canada are shelving their wholesome image in a surprising recruitment campaign, in favour of provocative photographs of young women.

In one ad, a fictitious popstar named Candi promotes her songs Naughty Girl and Taste Me Again. At the bottom of the ad, a girl guide points her finger in judgment to emphasize the tagline: "Why Girls need Guides."

all that came to mind was:

Clearly, I need to get out more often.


Carl said...

This smacks muchly of the old United Airlines commercials where the stews (pre-"flight attendant" days), would say, "I'm Cheryl, fly me!"

Anonymous said...

these ads are really smart. young girls today idolize celebs like paris hilton and lindsey lohan. what's wrong with that? google 'paris hilton' under google images. are you okay with your children emulating that?