Monday, July 24, 2006

The carping from the peanut gallery.

Apparently, I suck. Must be a slow news day or something.


Anonymous said...

Just read the titles of his previous posts. Says it all!

CC said...

dave t. wrote:

"CC, I think Wayne wants to touch you while you masturbate."

Oh, great. I'm going to need a wire brush to remove that image from my brain.

Anonymous said...

As a regular lurker who doesn't comment often - That is a hoot! And so predictable. To paraphrase Wayne "It's my ball, and if you don't play by my rules, I'm taking the ball and going home."
CC you really must stop hurting these fellows with delicate feelings, and you really should emulate their empathy towards others who don't have the same opinion as, er, scratch that. Stay the way you are, doing what you do best. I love it! As for the "Wayne", we don't need his stinking ball to play.

Jeff said...

You disagree with you 100 per cent, CC!