Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hell, no, I don't mind the competition.

Well, of course there aren't enough left-wing progressive blogs covering things Canadian, so I don't mind at all when another one shows up.

Far be it from me to gaze longingly on the tasteful aesthetics, the tags feature, the user registration, or gnash my teeth jealously over the Google and Amazon ads. I'm a grown-up, I can take it.

I know. Friday cat blogging. That'll even things out. Here, kitty, kitty ...


Oxford County Liberals said...

Thats a very good site. Looks a lot like Daily Kos in its style and format. I'd like the editors over there to do a bit more editorializing then just repeating news reports on their front page... but overall, I like their potential.

Susannah Anderson said...


I like your low-key, unobtrusive "aesthetics" better. Easier on the eyes. More Canadian-looking.

Forget the ads; they detract from a site, in my never-so-humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

Any cute animal will do, CC.


Anonymous said...

Just signed up... mow what?
Do I get a prize?
It is a very confusing site - lots of promises of great things, but not much content that is readable.

Is it really just some computer geeks attempt to cash in on some easy advertising money?

Who runs the thing? No mention on the site.

Oxford County Liberals said...

GO look at Daily Kos's site.. or Booman Tribune. They use the same blogging software that these folks do.