Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How can you tell when a wanker is lying?

When their fingers are typing. For instance, what's wrong with this picture? (Emphasis added for the hard of thinking.)

SD Abortion Ban Supporters Get Death Threats


South Dakota state Rep. Roger Hunt pushed ahead with the bill in spite of nasty opposition in the House. Now he says he and his family are getting harassing phone calls.

"We've received some at home, and we've gotten emails," he told Family News in Focus. "The governor did arrange for the state highway patrol and local county sheriff to pass through our neighborhood more often than usual and look for things, but I haven't had anybody actually initiate any actions.

You have ten seconds. Go.


Alison said...

Yeah, yeah, any opposition equals death.

But wait, if you click on Suzanne's hat tip for this article, you arrive at forest nymph's blog. Now I ask you, why would a fetus-fetishist feature a picture of a woman smoking at the top of her blog? Last I heard, fetuses don't really care that much for smoking.

MgS said...

Those blogs are the equivalent of reading our favorite Troll's (Jinx/Jason) blog(s) - no content, and even less actual thought.