Sunday, July 16, 2006

Theological scholarship, as it were.

How far would you have to read into the following to realize you'd come to the wrong place?

Fascinating post and comment at The Maverick Philosopher this week. Bill asked his readers to spell out exactly what is meant by the term ‘Biblical inerency’. ...

Sometimes parody just writes itself, don't it?


Anonymous said...

Wankerologists at work. Other than, thou shalt not kill, the rest of the bible is pretty silly. And the New Testament is the biggest pile of irrelavant plagiarism since Ann Coulter.

Curt said...

There's nothing quite as fun as rushing to judge. Can't have your reality questioned can we? No, that train runs only one direction...

Thanks for the traffic.

Anonymous said...

Easy Dave.

They really are getting more traffic.

It works the same way as "there's no such thing as bad publicity".

And, he's being polite.

Frankly, while many of the people commenting on his blog are inane, I found the blog post itself to be quite good. It's refreshing to find someone who argues for the Bible being allegorically true rather than literally true, like the mass majority of fundamentalists and evangelicals.

I know many agnostics and athiests who can appreciate the allegorical truths of the parables (myself included). Particularly the Good Samaritan one; where it's the person who is not of the right faith who does good. :P

Curt said...

Thanks for not jumping to conclusions Deanna.