Wednesday, July 26, 2006

That's progress. I guess.

Only in the wingnutosphere would replacing someone who is clinically insane with someone who is clinically dead be considered an improvement. Just take your victories where you can get them.

(H/T Ms. Z)


Zorpheous said...

Ann is one of the most vile, ugly spirited, hateful pos of the extreme rightwing. She makes Bill of Faux News appear reasonable and balanced. Her fall has started and she ill moan and whine and blame the liberal media for her fall. And while goes down, she act more like corned and wounded animal. It would suprise me if she ends up work with Fred Felphs

Anonymous said...

She's done what she set out to do, made tons of money from people who are too lazy to investigate her claims, too reliant on others to tell them what to think or too partisan to recognize billious outpourings of hate and plaigerism when they see it. She's tapped into the psyche of a certain portion of the population and has had the ride of her life. From the few times I've seen her though, I suspect she's spending her ill gotten gains as fast as she made them...Clothes, cosmetics, accessories... Somewhat like Truman Capote, but without the true talent that he had and wasted.
Did I tell you about my brother the drug addict?
It's a good sign that people are finally waking up to her particular brand of divisiveness and ugliness and finally saying - no more.
While I don't agree with Buckley, at least he has been very vocal about his disagreement with the present course of events, so much so that he is now the favourite target of R. Limbaugh and friends, because, to their tiny minds, he has betrayed them. Mind you, R. Limbaugh is another case in point...
Did I tell you about my brother the drug addict?
Hopefully, he and the other hating crowd will soon suffer the same fate as Ann.