Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Those tax-and-spend Conservatives.

You know what grinds my gears? It's those tax-and-spend Conservatives, always blowing the taxpayers' money on the stupidest things. Like this, for instance:

The Conservative government plans to evacuate at least 20,000 -- and as many as 50,000 -- Canadians from Lebanon to Cyprus by cruise ships, starting tomorrow, authorities said yesterday.

Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said the government has chartered six cruise ships, each with a capacity of 600 to 900 passengers, to start picking up Canadians at the port of Beirut as of midday. They will ferry evacuees back and forth for at least three days, possibly more...

The plan is to have chartered flights at an airport in Cyprus to fly people back to Canada, Mr. MacKay said, although that part is still a bit sketchy and depends on numbers of people and the capacity of the airport.

For now, Canada has chartered three planes.

So ... six chartered cruise ships, plus all of the essential crew, making, what, possibly 50 round trips, maybe more. Then there's the three chartered airplanes, and all on whose tab? Why, yours and mine, of course. The Canadian taxpayers'.

You know what would have been cheaper? Picking up the phone and calling Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, maybe along these lines:

"Hey, Ehud? It's Stephen Harper. Stephen. Harper. H-a-r- ... right, that Stephen Harper. Listen, about this massive attack on Lebanon. Well, funny story, you actually killed at least seven Canadians so, the thing is, I'd like you to stop. Seriously, just knock that shit off. And I mean, right fucking now. Are you reading me? Because if you don't, I will personally come over there and kick your sorry ass all the way to Damascus and back. Are you getting all this? No, I don't give a good goddamn who started it! What are you, eight years old, fer Chrissake!? Now you knock off that shit right this instant or I swear, as God is my witness, I am going to bitch-slap you from here to next Passover. Are we clear on this?"

I figure that conversation would take at most a couple of minutes so it would be waaaay cheaper than those ships and planes.

Heck, if Stephen was patient, he could wait a couple more hours and get the evening rates.


MgS said...

Ah, but isn't Israel's response "measured" according Harper?

(Of course, he didn't specify what kind of measurement was at play, did he?)

Anonymous said...

Even if Harper did do that, what would Israel's response be?

Probably something similar to their FU to Australia

And any criticism of Israel is of course anti-Semtic.

Remember, this is World War III or IV (or or V if you're Sean Hannity)

They need to develop a vaccine for stupidity. NOW.

Alison said...

(Of course, he didn't specify what kind of measurement was at play, did he?)

Grog : It's the usual cocks-on-the-table-boys but this time they're measuring in ohms.

Harper won't call Olmert; he'll get MacKay to do it and then pull the rug out from under him on some piss ant Alberta radio interview.

Link from the Galloping Beaver : MacKay is asking Israel not to bomb their rescue ships.

Anonymous said...

Honestly it could be worse. They could be forcing the evacuees to repay the government -

Anonymous said...

Hey, Don't give the CPC any more stupid ideas (like charging for the evacuation costs). They already have enough of their own idiotic ideas!