Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You keep using that word "handled" ...

A little levity with your morning croissant:

As the world's leaders gathered, the Middle East burst into flames. How President Bush handled the biggest foreign challenge of his second term.

Thank God for Newsweek. Otherwise, I'd have to get all my satire from The Onion.


Anonymous said...

I could only stomach a couple of those Newsweak photos.

It looked more like they were waiting for a pizza and the Condi got on the phone again to ask where it was.

By that point, bush II had fallen asleep exhausted from trying to find Russia, China, and the United States in the Atlas.

Anonymous said...

My favourite bit was this:

"I guess one of the things I've learned from my family, both Father and Mother—in many ways, it's interesting, it's from Mother—is the ability to get people to relax, to try to put people at ease," he says. Sometimes that means Bush crosses into a leader's personal space, as he does when he surprises Merkel with a shoulder rub in Russia.

Merkel sure looked relaxed, didn't she? His judgement there was as accurate as ever!

Dave said...

And here I thought the only use I had for that case of motion sickness bags was for distributing popcorn. :)