Tuesday, July 25, 2006

If you hate reality, well, there's always the Blogging Tories.

Meet Winston:

Winston is a Nom De Plume for a Canadian based Pro-America Iranian neo-conservative, seeking a democratic regime change in Iran! Winston is also a supporter of the Global War on Terror & President Bush's policies in the middle-east.

Meet reality:

Iran activist 'snubs White House'

Iranian dissident Akbar Ganji declined to meet White House officials during a visit to the US, he has told the BBC.

Mr Ganji said he had been invited to discuss the current situation in Iran. The White House declined to comment.

He said he rejected the offer because he believed current US policies could not help promote democracy in Iran.

In a speech last week in Washington DC, he also criticised US policy in Iraq, saying: "You cannot bring democracy to a country by attacking it".

Sometimes, it's easy to see the appeal of conservatism. 'Cuz actually knowing stuff is, you know, hard work.

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