Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And the creepy parallels continue.

And in his ongoing efforts to emulate George W. Chimpster, PM Stephen Harper has decided to make a total clusterfuck of emergency rescue operations in the midst of a major disaster:

Canada's effort to get its citizens out of Lebanon degenerated into chaos Wednesday as twice as many people as expected showed up to board evacuation ships that hadn't yet arrived.

I'd suggest that we might see Steve clearing brush any day now, but I'm pretty sure that's what he has Peter MacKay for.


Aunty Bertha said...

Wow, what a hero!

According to the CBC

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday that he intends to go to Cyprus and use a government plane to help Canadians fleeing the fighting in Lebanon.

Harper said he will try to bring back as many as 120 Canadians using the Canadian Forces plane that took him to Europe earlier in the week.


Aunty Bertha said...

Further to the above

The plane will "stripped down" with as few crew members on board as possible to allow for more room for the stranded Canadians, Harper said.


Officials said only Harper's wife, Laureen, and a couple of his communications staff and his official photographer, will fly to Cyprus with him.

Does the term PHOTO OP mean anything?

How about take the wife, the communications staff and the photographer home with him on a commercial flight and send the plane to Cyprus with a pared down crew and bring home at least 4 more stranded Canadians.

What a complete and utter selfish tool.


Anonymous said...

But no one could have anticipated the levees breaking? All Steve needs now is a vacation get away flea pit ranch.

catnip said...

Did you catch this, CC?