Monday, July 17, 2006

Conservative discourse, as it were.

This is every discussion with a wanker that you've ever had.

BONUS TRACK: If you have nothing better to do and have time to kill, go here and start reading. After a while, some of the names might seem familiar. (The fun starts just below halfway down, if you're pressed for time.)


riley dog said...

I'm glad that you linked to Norm..He has a great site...a daily read for years.

True story...a long while back, I won his contest for a new tagline. I came up with...

"I thought these things might be clues."

My wife used the prize to buy a Chomsky book.

Scotian said...

Good catch CC. I have had those kinds of slippery slope discussions with far too many American conservatives on American blogs over the last several years, and unfortunately have started finding the same problem with more than a few Canadian Conservatives. It would appear that Conservatives have forgotten one of the more important rules for civilized disagreements, that being one is entitled to their own opinions but not to their own facts.