Thursday, October 01, 2009

Where's a DSM-IV when you really need one?

There has to be a name for this condition:

Seriously, you could design an entire abnormal psych curriculum around the last several weeks of blog posts from that deranged harpy.


BONUS TRACK: That link takes you here, where commenter "Some Republican Guy" proffers one of the greatest political opinions of all times:

Can't wait to read it. Sarah is way smarter than Obama. She went to 5 colleges and he only went to one.

Yeah, Palin really made the rounds in pursuit of that journalism degree before her brief stint as a sportscaster. And Obama? Sticking it out at Harvard the whole time for that law degree. What a loser.


Dr.Dawg said...

Hilarious. Hell, I only went to three.

Ti-Guy said...

Can't wait to read it. Sarah is way smarter than Obama. She went to 5 colleges and he only went to one.

I think that's probably a joke, no?

CC said...

Hard to say, Ti-Guy -- it's almost impossible to parody these people anymore.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

That has to be parody. The "ordering extra copies for my grandbabies" is the tipoff, imho.

MariaS said...

Hysteria personified = cesspool czar.
Leftism going back 30 years. Yahoooo!!

liberal supporter said...

Looks like dodo is stuck in the palin fearmongering routine. I wonder if she's one of those doing the "Dianetics is a bestseller" style promotion. Predictable and boring, unfortunately.

Meanwhile on the "neo" front, a breakthrough!

==== neo October 1
no libby, you sorry simpleton... just not a fan of state-supported censorship. but then... you already knew that, didn't you?
No, I'll stick with my assessment of the situation, since it worked, you Lemire fan.

so, tell me... does this sort of stuff work on anybody older than seven?
Apparently it does, assuming you are older than seven. Here's why:

For the first time ever, you actually addressed my comment. Though you started with your usual ad hominem attack, you actually provided a coherent response to my words. Never seen that before.

So the lesson here is that the neo standard operating procedure of taking any dissenter's words out of context, and projecting meanings that were obviously not intended, actually works. At least it worked on you. For reasons that are unclear, it made you respond to my words.

There is still hope for you after all!

CC said...

So, Maria ... how's that Glenn Beck worship working out for you?

Metro said...

Wow ... a comment from someone claiming to be Doo-doo Can Spill?

Hey Maria, you've got it completely up your collective as usual. My friggin' Repugnican dream ticket for 2012 is Palin, ideally paired with Alan Keyes, or perhaps Ted Haggard.

Or hell, anyone at all really. The point is that putting that moron on the ticket showed just how much contempt the RPs have for the voters, and outed them as the garbageheads they are today.