Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I really wish a bunch of dark-skinned furriners would all be killed.

Oh, wait, that's not me thinking that, that's Kate McMillan:

Hey Sri Lanka, would you just hurry up and finish them off so traffic can get back to normal?

It's nice to see that, in a world of change, some things remain predictably consistent:

[McMillan] wrote that people there would have better luck attracting businesses to the inner city area if they put down the spray cans, crossed their legs and put the caps back on their needles.

"Failing that, share it with your friends. It's a quicker solution to your problem anyway," the post said.

The Blogging Tories' Kate McMillan: Because why waste your time on eliminationist thinking at a retail level when you can do it wholesale?

Stephen Taylor must be so proud. Genocidally speaking.

BONUS TRACK: Blogging Tory "Kez Creates" is the latest to jump on the "OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD Wanda Sykes OHMIGOD OHMIGOD" bandwagon:

She commented, among other things, that maybe Rush Limbaugh's kidneys should fail (after alluding that he was the 20th hijacker of 9/11, and making reference to his past addiction to prescription medication which has indeed led to his kidney problems). Anyway - this was not just poking fun at the President's dog, or even Bush's 'failed policies',,, it was a hateful remark directed at one individual who was not there to defend himself, and pretty much bold-face stating she hopes he dies. Wow.

Curiously, Kez has nothing to say about Kate McMillan. How ... odd.

, once again, we have one of Stephen Taylor's stable of microcephaloids, arguing in bad faith:

She commented, among other things, that maybe Rush Limbaugh's kidneys should fail (after alluding that he was the 20th hijacker of 9/11, ...

Really, Kez? Sykes sincerely suggested that Rush Limbaugh was the 20th 9/11 hijacker? She seriously made that claim? She actually publicly made that accusation?

Oh, wait, no, she didn't. It was a joke. But, like so many other wanks before her, Kez deliberately misunderstands something in order to stoke her faux outrage. Because it's the only kind of outrage these people can muster anymore. The phony kind. The bogus kind. The contrived kind.

But when BT colleague Kate McMillan explicitly and publicly calls for the mass murder of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka? Apparently, no big deal.

And Kate wasn't even joking.


mystereeoso said...

Second analogy I've seen drawn between the episode on the Gardiner and Caledonia today - except Huntsy spells Cal(a)donia her own special way, like vigilant(ies).

thwap said...

KKKate is garbage. She stinks.

Bismark said...

Maybe she's been huffing too much of her own paint. Or perhaps her yapping pack of inbred canines is writing her posts these days.

Kez Creates said...

Oh dear my bad, I know nothing about this Kate McMillan and wouldn't support those words either. I wrote a piece on a public figure that I saw a clip of on CNN and numerous other programs and wrote my opinion on her words. I did not realize there was a rule out in blog land that if you talk about one person, you HAVE to talk about all the rest and spend eons on the net gathering every caustic remark or joke every person has ever made and then post and comment on them.

What's wrong with talking about the gutteral jokes made by a comedian at a Gala? I've never even read Kate McMillan's blog. Are you one of those misinformed people who assume that every conservative person thinks the same? Many do not support abortion for any reason, for example, but I do not go that route. If Kate writes something nasty on her blog, apparently all other 'blogging tories' are to blame and feel the same? That is a gross mistake, yet quite common to see on Lib blogs (the ones I have traveled through at least, I don't claim to know them all, naturally).

Oh dear, oh no, someone was surprised at the jokes told at a Gala and wrote about it on her blog. Surely that means she must go through millions of other blogs and fetter out the naughty things posted in there too, or else she doesn't have the right to speak about anything else. Oh please!