Sunday, October 19, 2008

When really stupid people blog.

Over at Kate McMillan's White Robe Drive-In and Holocaust Comedy Club, guest blogger Captain is ... well, he's just being a total colostomy bag:

I Have to PAY for Canadian Budget Statistics???

Fellow SDA'ers, as I am merely a humble guest writer, I thought it would be appropriate that instead of deluging you with stories from the US, I try to pull some interesting statistics and charts about Canada so that we may all take home an exciting and interesting education in Canadian economics.

My goal was simple; compare health care expenditures as a % of GDP and the budget over time to provide all those interested a measure as to just how much of your budget goes to the health care system as well as what percent of your income goes to health care.

I found a great site called Statistics Canada that had all the data a budding economist could ever want. I quickly found the database where I could pull all the necessary information and upon clicking the "enter" button, received this little notice; ...

(Your request contains 4 payable series, at a cost of C$12.00.

What in the name Puff the Magic Dragon is this?! I have to PAY to get what should be public information? Is this some kind of attempt to keep economic information from the poorer masses or some bureaucrat's idea of a power trip?

Nothing like keeping vital information that would empirically disprove socialism away from the population.

Posted by Captain at October 19, 2008 11:47 AM

Predictably, Captain -- while wanking furiously over a bill of $12.00 -- has never seen fit to get even the teensiest bit upset over this:

Harper defends database shutdown

Prime Minister says Co-ordination of Access to Information Requests System too costly; Dion says PM leads most 'secretive government in the history of our country'

Mr. Harper was forced to explain in the House of Commons Monday why his government quietly killed off a database called the Co-ordination of Access to Information Requests System.

Created in 1989 and revamped in 2001, the CAIRS database is a monthly compilation of all Access requests received by federal agencies. Canadians could use it to see the information that had already been made public or was in the process of being released, and could then make a request to see the documents themselves.

The database “was deemed expensive, it was deemed to slow down the access to information, and that's why this government got rid of it,” Mr. Harper said during Question Period.

Drop by tomorrow when Captain again writes something completely fucking whiny and idiotic.


Boris said...

So I guess the Kapitan's Great Kampf to "empirically disprove socialism", (whatever that means) was thwarted by the cost of a six-pack? Maybe he should open a paypal account to finance his campaign. How are these people able to win elections?

LuLu said...

I'm sure the Captain's next post will be a scathing condemnation of this.


sooey said...

It's the politics of fee for service, the politics guys like him support.

What an idiot. No wonder Harper won.

Ti-Guy said...

I used to admire the American government for actually providing more statistical information free of charge (like StatsCan used to) but since it's become so well-known how politicised its civil service and public agencies have become, the information has become worth just what you pay for it.

KKKaptain's just going to have to get off his fat arse and head down to the library. There are already existing studies on what he's looking for, anyway.

sooey said...

What's scary to me is that the Americans prosecuted Conrad Black because of their tight securities regulations that we apparently don't have...

Dr.Dawg said...

Somebody should send that fellow a very large roll of tinfoil.

Trust Kate to host a bozo pushing the Manchurian Candidate meme.

TokeBloke said...

Oh my gosh! $12! Good thing he doesn't live in the Police States of America: -- that's almost real money.

adolfo said...

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CanuckRover said...

ti-guy, yeah but all those studies show that the Americans have one of the least efficient health care systems in the world. He wasn't looking for facts, he was looking for statistics.