Monday, October 20, 2008


Dear American voter fraud-obsessed Blogging Tories: Suck on this, you douchebags.

Oh, and then piss off.


Dr.Dawg said...

Don't forget the massive voter purges in the red states. The real story has always been GOP electoral fraud.

mikmik said...

Yeah, another of those whiny and childish answers whenever the republicans get caught breaking the law - "These charges are politically motivated..."

Ti-Guy said...

"These charges are politically motivated..."

The exact response to the Elections Canada In-and-Out scandal.

Let's face it. These people hate democracy.

burpster said...

Let's face it. These people hate democracy.

They love democracy ... as long as they get to decide what it is.

KEvron said...

"They did not know, they say, that they actually were becoming Republicans.”

then again, the insane man cannot recognize his illness.