Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Christian forgiveness: It's not for everyone, you know.

Apparently, man meat-craving drug addict Ted Haggard is getting a little love from his homeys:

Congregation showing compassion

Members of pastor Ted Haggard's congregation embraced the fallen minister with compassion Friday.

"Everyone messes up," said Melody Magnuson,17, a senior at the Colorado Springs Classical Academy. She and two friends were on their way to morning prayer's at the New Life Church, a 14,000-member congregation that Haggard founded in his home in 1985.

"What he does should not affect how we feel about our faith in God," Magnuson said. "He's not our faith."

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, is still a filthy, amoral pig. I mean, you have to draw the line somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate and even respect your cynicism concerning the Christian community and Ted Haggard. As a Christian I don't have a problem with your struggle. When hearing of Haggard, I too had to work through my emotional feelings and come to grips with my biblical belief in forgiveness. Let me just briefly respond to the comment about Bill Clinton. Haggard asked his church for forgiveness and is demonstrating a repentant attitude. He is submitting himself to the church and its leadership for very strict accountability to correct an obvious moral failure that Jesus condemns. In contrast, Bill Clinton has consistently exhibited a total lack of remorse for his moral failing and his subsequent lies under oath (called perjury) for which he was impeached. To this day Clinton has not expressed remorse for his law-breaking. On the contrary, he has been adamant in his arrogance and defiance. I am willing to forgive Haggard, Clinton or anyone who demonstrates a desire to repent. With all due respect, it appears you are comparing two very different situations. I hope that might shed some light on your thinking process. Any Christian who wants to live like Jesus must be willing to forgive, but there has to be desire on the part of the offender as well.