Monday, July 10, 2006

Freedom and democracy on the march, yessir.

Shorter Bush administration: "I think our job here is done."


Grog said...

Clearly the voice of the people is getting louder - and it's saying "Get Out!"

Meaghan Walker-Williams said...

didn't you mean to say "Clearly the voice of God is getting louder and it's saying "George... forget what I said before.. it's time to get out!"

Anonymous said...

Unless we withdraw, the time is fast approaching when we will be scrambling onto helicopters off the roof of our still-unfinished embassy. Murtha is right. Bush is an idiot.

Martin said...

Why does the two words (gutless and selfish) always come to mind when I read comments from people like "anonymous". As a Veteran I say "Go Bush" and we'll win it despite these gutless selfish little people!


CC said...

martin wrote:

"As a Veteran I say "Go Bush" and we'll win it despite these gutless selfish little people!"

And by "we," I assume you mean other people, right?

thwap said...


Why do those words pass through your mind?

Because you've got shit for brains Martin. That's why.

Why debate anything with garbage such as yourself?

Grog said...

Martin -

A brief review of the history of the Middle East - going back to Roman times - makes it quite clear that Western European powers seldom last there very long.

As long as they are there in "overwhelming" numbers, a modicum of control appears to exist, but the government inevitably returns to its roots once the foreign powers leave.

Invading Iraq was an act of greed and hubris on Bush's part.

I simply don't believe that any government put in place under American occupation will be seen by the Iraqis as "valid" - and it will likely crumble as soon as the US troops move on to other places - or an Iran style revolution happens.

"Anonymous" was not being either selfish or gutless - he seems quite able to recognize a foolish and futile exercise for what it is.