Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Chronicles of Twatrick: "More extortion" edition.

Yesterday, my Saskatchewan lawyer received correspondence from Patrick Ross, accusing me of criminally violating the Saskatchewan "Collection Agents Act," and demanding $25,000 in compensation as the price for not filing charges.

That's it. That's the post.

BONUS TRACK: While I have no intention of sharing the entire letter of idiocy from Patrick, this paragraph is worth pondering:

First, Patrick wants $25,000 immediately -- a fairly amusing demand from someone who, for over a decade, refused to honour his debt to me in even the smallest way. But it gets better.

Patrick then insists that I promise to refrain from "any further unlawful tactics." Well, since I've done nothing unlawful, I have no problem agreeing to that.

Finally, Patrick demands that I put a hold on collection enforcement for nine months, oddly in order to accommodate the resolution of an unrelated legal action with which I am entirely uninvolved.

The rest of the letter is no better. Trust me.

AFTERSNARK: One wonders whether Patrick thinks that even if I agreed to a temporary cessation of collection enforcement, that that would in any way affect that what he owes me is increasing at a court-ordered interest rate of five per cent per year. So regardless of what games he wants to play, every month that goes by is another $450 (and growing) added to his debt.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT ABOVE, Patrick did not mail that 4-page letter to me personally; no, he mailed it to my lawyer. Who has a law degree. And understands law. I will leave it to your imagination to ponder what reaction a competent, accomplished lawyer would have to reading Patrick's gaseous emanations.


jhayward9 said...

Lmao wow.

thwap said...

I share Purple Library Guy's belief that these are the actions of someone who is not well in the head and who could do with some psychological counselling.

Of course there are always nuances. There's a grey area between someone who is arrogant and stupid and someone who is obviously mentally ill. Supposedly we're allowed to mock and condemn the former and pity the latter. But what do we do with an individual in the grey area?

Some people invent a self-image totally divorced from reality. They see themselves as sensitive, brilliant, upstanding and moral, and anyone who doesn't recognize this is not only wrong, but callous, stupid and corrupt.

The cost of sticking to this delusion is the endless repetition of the arrogance and stupidity and the continuation of the bad consequences of that behaviour. But there's probably going to be a huge psychic cost to recognizing that your inherent arrogance and stupidity have played the leading role in your life being miserable. Perhaps if you could live in an eternal, self-righteous "present moment" and just accept whatever life has thrown at you as the challenge of a good and moral person trapped in an insane world full of morons, you can go to your grave never having had to confront your own failure.

Then again, continuing the behaviour that got you in an undeniable rotten situation might make things so much more worse than they already are. For instance; you might think that judges are all idiots and that you're a genius at understanding the law and the justice system. But that doesn't change the fact that the judges hold all the power and that a series of them have found your behaviour to be "reprehensible" and your cases against your enemies as baseless. No matter how exalted an opinion you have of yourself, you can't deny the reality that your batting average is 0.000 and there's no reason to think that's going to change.

I was quite the stud at forty. It's not too late a date at which to turn one's life around. Other people have gone from homeless drug addicts to millionaire entrepreneurs in their lives. Forty years old is still young enough to realize you have a problem, address it, and work like a sonofabitch to get out of the hole you've dug yourself into.

Anonymous said...

I said it before.
Without intervention this ends up in a shit pile of sorrow for the Ross family.
Whatever. It's on him and them.

MgS said...

Arrogance and hubris, or just stupidity?

This guy is not very smart ... at all ...

Anonymous said...

Every time I think "He couldn't possibly be dumber", Twatrick's like "Hold my $21 burger"

RossOwesDay said...

Who in Saskatchewan put Twatrick in charge of enforcing the Collection Agents Act? Why does he get to decide who faces charges according to the act, depending on if the alleged violator pays the Twatster?

(Rhetorical questions.)

Anonymous said...

Would this constitute extortion?

RogueNerdOne said...

Weird, $25,000 is a very specific number that he needs "immediately". Wait.. didn't I say I was going to try and make him pay surety for $25,000?

I bet Jesse's $7500 figure will show up somewhere, soon.

Rev.Paperboy said...

i have this mental image of the lawyer receiving this letter and passing it around the office the way some people would circulate a funny facebook meme. Like "hey Bob, you are NOT going to believe this letter I got today. OMG, this is the funniest thing I've ever seen!"
Ross appears to think that because he's seen a couple of episodes of Boston Legal that he is suddenly a lawyer instead of a buffoon. I hope CC lawyer drops another figurative house on him. Criminal charges of extortion might be a good start.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Maybe going to jail is part of Twatsy's cunning master plan. He probably figures it would be three square meals a day and roof over his head for free while he does push-up and works on his MMA, and that if he's in jail no one can make him pay up on his debts. He is easily that delusional. The reality of what would actually happen to him in prison is horrific to contemplate.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah well spotted!

RogueNerdOne said...

I'd also like it noted that Patrick hasn't sent me one of his foolish letters. Likely he didn't want it being used against him in my case, but it will be.

So much of what he's doing now is more about harassment because he knows none of use are going to pay him a red cent.

This is the guy who's run and hid for almost a decade because of what he slandered Robert with, yet now want the courts to protect him? Not going to happen. I have his entire judicial history, or at least what Robert was gracious enough to supply.

Patrick wouldn't have to worry about me threatening to hurt him if he simply apologized for repeatedly calling me a pedophile. If he came to my door right now, it wouldn't matter what he said. I'd be kicking the living shit out of him