Monday, September 27, 2021

Who is "Thomas Lambert?"

Recently, the festering, trashy, white nationalist cesspool that is ex-Rebeler Keean Bexte's "media outlet" brought on a new contributor -- one "Thomas Lambert." At this point, more than one source has suggested that that is simply Bexte writing under another name to avoid the inevitable shit storm when he defames someone.

Can anyone confirm one way or the other whether such a human exists? Does this person have a history? Any previous publications? An arrest record? A Shopify page where he sells Nazi memorabilia?

Lines are open.

P.S. Evidence is mounting that there is no such person as "Thomas Lambert," and it is just Bexte, perhaps trying to make his vanity blog seem larger, or perhaps he is just pro-actively trying to avoid legal liability for when he once again does something idiotic and defames someone.

In any event, I simply see no online journalism record for anyone by that name.

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Anonymous said...

No linked-in profile, no facebook profile, no media articles or reports under that name. A narrative voice indistinguishable from Bexte's, and the same fondness for badly sourced paranoid speculation. Hmm.