Thursday, April 26, 2007

When you've lost the National Post ...

Poor John Baird. Even the National Post has finally pulled up short, muttering, "Oh, no ... that way lies madness and dumbassitude":

Terence Corcoran, National Post
Published: Thursday, April 26, 2007

... After last week producing a sound and lucid report on how Canada's Kyoto carbon emission targets were unworkable and economically dangerous, the Conservatives yesterday set course for even greater lunacy than Kyoto, led by John Baird, the Environment Minister. In a speech that even Sheila Copps in full discombobulated flight could not have delivered, Sheila [sic?] Baird invented, distorted, misrepresented and fabricated his way to a potential regulatory nightmare...

Maybe Tory policy, when released today, will turn out to be less onerous and crazy than Mr. Baird's speech. It's hard to imagine a sloppier piece of writing, filled with bulls--t in the true philosophic sense of the word.

Come on, Terence, don't hold back ... tell us how you really feel.

: "thwap" suggests that maybe it's all a clever ploy and mere posturing. You mean, like this?


thwap said...

If a pathetic, lying mediocrity like Corcoran condemns something, it must be good.

Methinks that the "leaked" CPC environmental policy and Baird's speech are mere posturing.

Make sure everyone thinks the Cons have gone "green" when there's no intention of following through on any of it.

MgS said...

So far the CPoC gov't seems to be all about posturing and not so much about actually delivering.

Ti-Guy said...

We're often tempted to see conservative stupidity as tactical somehow ( seems to work on the rubes, which make up 99% of conservatives). But really, it's just stupid. Conservatives are profoundly stupid.

Somena Woman said...

Heheheh...never get involved in a land war in aisa.... that's a twofer CC!