Monday, April 23, 2007

Well, NOW you're just being mean.

Yeah, they're all a bunch of studly, fucking he-men, aren't they?

Amato: So Mr. Derbyshire, you are a coward. And if I saw you— face to face—I would call you a coward because you are.

Colmes: You care to respond?

Debyshire: Ah, no actually–I don't respond to abuse. I get a lot of abuse…

Amato: That's abuse? That's just fact.

Then there's the unconstrained savagery of GOP hit-man Karl Rove:

"She came over to insult me, and she succeeded," said a beleaguered Karl Rove of his encounter with Sheryl Crow on Saturday night.

On the other hand, these are the same kick-ass, cool-under-pressure dudes who'll count the shots and rush the shooter while he's reloading. I'm not sure how they'd manage that while sliding in a puddle of their own urine, but I'd definitely pay to watch.


Anonymous said...

I must have missed something, Cynic. I don't see any evidence presented that shows that either Derbyshire or Rove is a coward.

Care to point it out more clearly?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want Sheryl Crow touching me either if she only uses one square of toilet paper to wipe with. I'd suggest Rove was possibly concerned about contracting some kind of communicable disease from Ms. Crow, due to her unsanitary wiping habits.

Ti-Guy said...

I suppose anonymous's steady diet of hot-pockets, Doritos and Mountain Dew would present a rather daunting challenge to any limitation on the use of toilet paper.