Thursday, April 26, 2007

And if you don't believe THAT version, well, I've got another one.

Apparently, there's dissension at Wingnuttia on the Rideau:

The Conservative government seems to be changing its story on the status of Canada's access to Afghan detainees.

Really? Whatever could the difficulty be?

Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor announced Wednesday that a deal had been struck with Afghan intelligence to get access to prisoners to investigate allegations of torture.

OK, so a deal was recently finalized. That's a promising development. So what's the problem? Oh, wait ...

Today, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day stunned the opposition by saying corrections officers have always had access to Afghan detainees after they have been transferred to Afghan officials.

Um ... so there's been a deal all along? That's a bit of a surprise. Let's let Captain Charisma sort this out, shall we?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper confirmed on Thursday during question period that officials had yet to draft the aforementioned agreement.

But he added that the government expects to "formalize" a deal soon.

Uh ... so there actually is no deal, recent or otherwise, but, by God, they're working on it, which is good since, as we all know, it's critically important that we get some kind of arrangement in place because ... because ... because why? Ah, let's let Mike explain it to us:

I have not in any way, shape or form outrage, concerned or regret about how these scum get treated. Get smacked around by their guards?? Don't bat any eye lash, getting tortured?? I say it's quite well deserved. As for summary execution, I am not bothered the slightest by this allegation, in fact I believe it's poetic justice. These scum plot in multiple ways to slaughter our troops with the most cowardly & awful ways known to man, & for them to meet this fate is fitting.

OK, then ... apparently, there's no rush on this since, if we wait long enough, problems like prisoners in Afghanistan have a tendency to, you know, solve themselves, if you catch my drift. And I think you do.

I'm sure Mike knows exactly what I mean.


Lindsay Stewart said...

yeah mike! let's not let silly crap like evidence or fair trials or human rights or all of that left-lib crap get in the way of murdering people in their own country for allegedly plotting to do harm to our guys, the foreign occupiers. and hey, so what if we decide to pinch a big steaming shit in the sand, after all, we can wipe with the geneva conventions. mike from the gulag, proving that you do indeed bcome that which you despise. well done mike. huzzah to you with the well calloused knuckles.

thwap said...

Christ, I've spent a couple of hours debating with these pro-torture morons over the past few days.

There un-Canadian love of torture is based on a serial level of delusions, about our innate benevolence, and their inherently "evil" natures.

All the while, they fail to see that they're cut from the same moral cloth as the Taliban.

Violent, inhuman, deluded fanatics.

Ti-Guy said...

You'd think Stephen Taylor and the Blogging Tories apparat would like to distance themselves from their "pro-torture" affiliates. The optics just aren't that good right now.

I can only conclude that the Blogging Tories are objectively pro-torture.