Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, OK, we're sorry about THAT. But that's all.

Via Big City Lib, we learn that a sizable demographic of the Canadian wingnut devout has a burning need to break with longstanding tradition and apologize for something:

We, the people of Canada who support marriage solely as the union of a man and a woman, apologize to the people of the world for harm done through Canada’s legalization of homosexual marriage...

The impact on children’s rights, children’s education, parental rights, religious rights, adoption, the economy and family law were never fully considered.

The economy? The economy!? I knew those faggots were up to no good. This so explains my mutual fund portfolio.



Dr.Dawg said...

Well, I'm sorry too. I'm sorry we have given the world Stephen Harper and his mindless support of Israel's "measured responses." I'm sorry that we're sticking our dripping noses into Afghanistan, supporting Taliban B over Taliban A. I'm sorry that we aren't trying to stop slow-motion genocide in Darfur. I'm sorry that we aren't implementing Kyoto.

I'm one sorry guy.

I'd withdraw the "pansy boy" stuff, btw. Now you know what it means, you can't claim ignorance.

Dr.Dawg said...

Whoops. Thought I was still at Big City Lib.

I'm sorry. :)

Ti-Guy said...

I'm sorry I live in country that somehow produces people like Stephen Harper, Gwen Landolt, Charles McVety, Rachel Marsden, Mark Steyn, David Frum, Ezra Levant, Licia Corbella, Danielle Smith, Adam Daifallah...

Those are our real failures. Though, I tell you...I never saw them coming.

Lindsay Stewart said...

and i am sorry for stockwell day. that is, i pity stockwell day, must suck to be a blinking idiot. and i apologize that some canadians are daft enough to elect him. sorry.

Dan L. Johnson said...

I'm sorry to disagree, but I am happy to live in the Day world. It is much simpler and that means smarter and more efficient. I mean, for example, no Eras, Epochs and Periods to keep straight, just 6000 years, and a few events like the Ark and WWII. No stupid geologists (except petro ones), dinosaurs, and all that.

And global warming? Give us a break on the never-ending details, ok? It will raise all water, right? That is so much easier than sorting out oceans, lakes, whatever:

"Maybe all my constituents living high up on the West Bench, or Lakeview Heights, or the hills of Logan Lake will soon be sitting on lakeside property as one of the many benefits of global warming.''
- S.D.; CTV, Dec. 11 2006

Look, it is a fact that science keeps changing the answers, over the centuries, or even over years. They can't make up their minds, and they all seem to want a "salary". Oh, excuse me while you fake your data for filthy lucre. I will just have to get my info from Stock, thank you very much. Let's get back to basics and just get it all down and sign on to it, and stop this revising all the time. And, how can someone who is purported to say "riddle me this" be bad?

I mean, he watches Batman. Batman obviously has more concern for the well-being of humanity than any 10 scientists or environmentalists.

Plus, so-called scientists are idiots. At least 50% (plus or minus 2%, 19 times out of 20) graduated in the bottom half of their class. That was on the news.