Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ego surfing, Pretty Unshaved Ape style.

Because every now and then my life is better than yours. Check out this trailer for the Asian release of .45, an upcoming film. The nasty looking fellow with the mutton chops, leather vest and backwards ball cap at 1:07, that would be me. And in case you're wondering, Milla Jovovich is far more beautiful in person than she is on film, simply luminous. She is also one of the sweetest stars I've ever worked with. As your basic nobody, she had no reason to be as generous to me as she was. My one scene is brief, I buy a gun from her character Kate. I'm supposed to look mean and nasty but every time she entered the shot it was all I could do not to melt, my sneer, that's actoring.

It was freezing on the day we shot, Milla was in a little mini skirt and tiny top, I was in a sleeveless t-shirt. After every take, when the cut was called, our teeth chattered in stereo before the awsome wardrobe women charged in and threw huge down parkas around us. There are shows that treat little folks like me as though we're disposable, this was not one. I was only on set for one day and was treated with total respect by the director and the entire crew. At the end of my day, when my character was wrapped, Milla gave me a nice hug and thanked me. Back in the wardrobe trailer, the designers were kind enough to give me my wardrobe pants, a sweet pair of leather jeans. That sort of thing just never happens. When this comes out go see it and support an indie film made by a great crew of foks.

I guess I should be calling the office to see if I get paid for being used in the trailer.

Update: Seems they used later takes from the scene, when Milla had her yellow jacket zipped up. Also Stephen Dorff is in the film, I didn't see him on the day we shot my scene but I had worked with him previously and he was also a total class act.

Update 2: Upon further snooping, seems this film didn't receive a theatrical release in North America or if it did it was a very limited release. The good news is it goes on sale on DVD, Tuesday, April 24. In the interests of disclosure, I am not a credited player in the film. I could have petitioned for a credit but I hate that sort of backstage politics and it would have soured what was otherwise a great experience.


Ti-Guy said...

You know who was a really nice celebrity? John Candy.

I miss him.

Randall said...

You got to work with Milla Jovovich? You lucky, lucky bastard.

Lindsay Stewart said...

no argument to either of these comments. john candy was a wonderful guy and i am a lucky bastard.

Jennifer Smith said...

I heard nothing good about Ms. Jovovich when she was on the set of 'Resident Evil 2' (there was this wardrobe incident), but maybe she was just having a bad week.

I'm half tempted to watch '.45' at the video store I work at now. Hmm...