Sunday, April 29, 2007

Aaron Lee Wudrick: Credit where credit is due.

Every one of you should go read this:

Let's not make it more personal than it has to be. Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor served his country for 30 years in uniform for the armed forces. But on both principled and political grounds, he needs to resign over the Afghan detainees issue.

And after you appreciate what Aaron has written, feel free to contrast that with:

Not to minimize the egregious wrongs committed by the Afghan police/military against their own countrymen in their own country -- but why are we supposed to care?

Then you can sit back and wonder how the fuck those two people can possibly share the same aggregator. Go figure.

SOMETIMES, THESE PEOPLE MAKE MY EYES BLEED. Over at Aaron's blog, commenter "Joanne (True Blue)" understands what's truly important:

You make a compelling argument. The trick is to make a shuffle and still save face for all concerned.

Attagirl, Joanne ... when we're talking about torture and possible violations of the Geneva Conventions, what really counts is first making sure that nobody gets, you know, embarrassed or anything.

Just kill me now, Lord.

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Rev.Paperboy said...

Wow, the bone ignorance and hatefulness of most of the comments at Canadiana's blog are stunning -- I was particularly impressed by the anonymous Col. Kurtz-"exterminate the bastards" argument put forth that Canadian soldiers should just shoot everyone on sight, "kill them all and let god sort it out" kind of thinking, or the attempts to pass this whole episode off as completely okay as long as we aren't violating the "quaint" Geneva Conventions as if its okay to send prisoner off to be tortured to death as long as we aren't violating any treaties. The dimbulb who suggested sending all the prisoners to Geneva, as if the Swiss were in charge of enforcing the conventions is a special, special person, even for a blogging tories - and I mean that in the olympic sense of the word.