Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why, yes, I HAVE stopped beating my wife. Why do you ask?

And in a delightful display of synchronicity that follows this recent post, we have Gavin over at Sadly, No blogging on what passes for deep thought in the Dumbass-o-sphere:

Where does a thought come from? How much does it weigh? What is its physical makeup? It is these quesitons which demonstrate that the neo-Darwinist “its all blind, evoutionary chance” school of thought is, well, insufficient: The two major flaws in evolutionary theory are that it can’t explain how life arose from lifelessness, and it can’t explain how my material brain plays host to my immaterial mind (or thoughts, if you like).

Yes, indeed ... where does a thought come from? And if science can't quite answer that, then the only reasonable option, of course, is to hand that question over to the one collection of deep thinkers who have never, ever been -- scientifically speaking -- right about anything in the entire history of their existence.

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

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ADHR said...

I've heard the conflation of evolutionary theory and abiogenesis before; but this connection between evolutionary theory and materialist theories of the mind is a new one. And, unless I miss my guess, the sap that Gavin is taking aim at seems to have read Hume and figured that was the last word on everything. (One of the many who doesn't quite get that Hume is very often joking.)