Monday, April 23, 2007

... and a good beating might have prevented all that violence.

Apparently, God can't do anything unconstitutional. Who knew?


Weasel said...

I had 1:40 left to go.
I had to fucking stop.
Damn CC, how the hell could you sit through this tripe?

Taking GAWD out of school didn't start this crap. Violent video games didn't start this crap. Having an abortion didn't start this crap. Being mentally unstable, bullied and having easy access to a gun started this crap. (Cho bought one off of eBay and got another through an internet store based in Green Bay, WI.)

Oh and AFA, Dr. Phil, Jack Thompson, Fred Phelps and everyone else using this as a way to push their agenda? Every last damned one of you need a hot, steaming mug of "Fuck off!". Sit the hell down, shut the hell up and let the families mourn in peace!

CC said...

weasel asks:

"Damn CC, how the hell could you sit through this tripe?"

It's simple. I read the Blogging Tories on a regular basis; I've built up an immunity.

Anonymous said...

When did Taber Alberta move so far east? I wouldn't be surprised if home schoolers watch this and think alaska is in mexico.

I think my favourite part (besides all of it) is when the voice says not to trust an "expert" like Dr.Spock. What do experts know about anything?

Anonymous said...

Sweet Zombie Jesus, there wasn't a punch line at the I'm disappointed. As CC noted, god is powerless against the law of man.

Or, more in keeping with the old testament, god is just being sullen and pouty and is actively encouraging the deaths of large numbers of people. Because he's a petty, petty diety, and if you don't worship him at all times, he'll kill each and every last one of you.

David Webb said...

Why can't we just return to the sweet and simple music of the 50s? Songs with lyrics like "I've got a girl named Sue, she knows just what to do", or "Sweet little sixteen, she's got the grown up blues, tight dress and lipstick, she's sportin' high heal shoes". And don't forget the christian-centred lyrics of Hound Dog as sung by Big Mama Thornton.

Of course, if one goes back to the masters of delta blues, the music is even more respectful and christian.

And one last bit...folk songs like "The Banks of the Ohio", and "Big Rock Candy Mountain", really exemplify the christian-based world we have, sadly, let fall astray.

Anonymous said...

In a country of 300 million people and lots of guns, ... well, god or no god, ... occasionally people get hurt.

That gay pride parade at the end looked like a lot of fun!

The Eternal Gaijin said...

Jeebus, that's insane.
Can you say 'false premise,' boys and girls? I knew you could.
Blaming all the wrong people for all the wrong things.
Kudos to you for sitting through it in one sitting.

Randall said...

The astounding thing is that there is not a single bit of truth in that long, long litany of crap. I mean, exaggerating for effect is one thing, but this . . .

Unknown said...

Dear God,

What are you going to do about the idiots pretending to be you?

Anonymous said...

Man, oh man...and I haven't even had my coffee yet.

If we wanted to examine things from another perspective (that is, without our heads stuck up our asses), we could mention that our society is what - 85% christian, and that the bible has more verses glorifying murder than love. Count the number of times the christian god orders his followers to murder entire populations of people (innocent children, women and men alike), wipes them out himself or promises his followers great rewards for the slaughter of thousands. Then count the number of times women and young innocent girls are abused, sold, murdered or offered up as spoils of war to be gang raped. How about the verse that tells of a man who offers up his virginal young daughter to be raped by an angry mob rather than allow the mob to rape the man they were there to attack? It seems we have a tremendous imbalance here between the cruelty and the supposed 'love' of jahweh (jehovah, whatever).

Shootings, abuse and other acts of violence - seems people are acting out the very essence of biblical doctrine.

So what's the problem?

That guy said...

Hey, I'm just impressed that someone finally figured out how to blame it on the Clenis.