Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now, THIS is why we think they're idiots.

First, there was this post over at Dust My Broom, in which said poster didn't get the satire and took Sheryl Crow seriously:

Via Hot Air, “Green Earth = Brown Hand”: Sheryl Crow recommends reducing the number of squares of toilet paper you use to save the forest.

Then, when people who aren't morons began pointing out that Crow made that suggestion tongue firmly in cheek, we got to see the Blogging Tory version of a retraction:

Sheryl Crow rescinded her toilet paper remarks yesterday after wrapping up her Stop Global Warming tour.

Of course. The folks at DMB were too stupid to have figured it out the first time, therefore ... Sheryl Crow "rescinded her remarks."

Man, I want a gig like that -- where my retarded dumbassitude and appalling lack of reading skills is always someone else's fault. That would be sweet.

Maybe there's an opening at The Politic.


Ti-Guy said...

I'm still trying to figure out if Dustmybroom is the wittiest of rightwing dullness or just plain stupid.

Darcey said...

What? You think we are for real?