Saturday, October 03, 2009

Degree of difficulty: Negative infinity.

Blogging Tory and official Conservative Party of Canada spokesperson Maria S Nunes:

There is a reason why our parents instilled in many of us “if you cannot say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Blogging Tory and official Conservative Party of Canada spokesperson Maria S Nunes:

Critics of Sarah Palin are losers of the first order .... The only life in the Republican party during the 2008 elections was due to Sarah Palin, and anybody who wants to deny it, is a stupid, idiotic moron .... Steve Schmidt who made remarks to the "huff and puff ", a rag that I would not use even to line the bottom of my garbage bin, and a rag which is visited by leftish morons to get their daily fix of bile and poison to tide them over until the next craving hits them, has gleefully published Schmidt's remark demeaning Palin. Here's what Mark Levin had to say to that moron: .... And here's what Rush had to say about the bonehead: ....

Stephen Taylor must be so fucking proud.


Dr.Dawg said...

Not to mention her parents.

Bismark said...

"Do as I say, not as I do." The mantra of every wingnut.

Lindsay Stewart said...

You can tell she's a lady, she drinks out of the toilet with a straw.

KEvron said...

trolling means deliberately contradicting yourself and daring anyone to mention it. i'm telling you, she's an ambush troll.


sooey said...

A correct ambush troll, though. Sarah Palin WAS the only sign of life in the Republican Party.

Ti-Guy said...

Wake me up when they finally haul Dodo to the nut hatch.

J said...

She puts the "fun" in "dysfunctional".

Southern Quebec said...

Is the "huff and puff" that she refers to The Huffington Post? Because, Dodo?'s only online sweetie...but you knew that right?

James Bow said...

"A correct ambush troll, though. Sarah Palin WAS the only sign of life in the Republican Party."

Depends what you call "life", though. A complete implosion is certainly lively.

deBeauxOs said...

Life as the opposite of moribund.

If Palin is the life of the Republican Party, it's in B-E-E-E-E-G trouble.

sooey said...

Hey - the world needs to hear what those evil bastards really think and she's only too happy to tell us. Sarah Palin isn't scary - it's the fact that so many Americans like what she says that's scary.

MariaS said...

Corroding Corpse aka Cesspool czar aka CC = complete dumbass.

The comment you are attributing to me is not mine, you idiot, bonehead, dumbo, stupid silly slob.

My parents taught me to fight it out with all and sundry. I am happy being IMPOLITE and am the author of the Book of Insults you knuckleheaded idiot.
Idiot of the first order = cc


Zorpheous said...

She forgot to call you a poo-poo head CC, jebus what an assclown

Ti-Guy said...

My parents taught me to fight it out with all and sundry.

The training started when she fought the coat-hanger in the 2nd trimester.

CC said...

Ignore that earlier "MariaS", that's someone impersonating Dodo.

Ti-Guy said...

Pretty convincing. Too convincing, in fact.

sooey said...

And why should we believe a poopoohead like CC?

CC said...

If you follow the link behind that commenter ID above, you end up here.

If you follow the link from one of Dodo's actual comments at her site, you end up here.


Metro said...

Wow ... Who'd want to be mistaken for Doo-doo Can Spill?

The mind boggles. I've had a six-pack and it still doesn't make the slightest bit of effing sense.

It suggests that there's someone out there dumber than she is.

Sorry, my mind just died of boggle.

MariaS said...

Lesley Stewart the guy with the girlish name - being the gentleman you are, you can use a fork and spoon to scoop up the lumpy bits for yourself.

Tea guy - you crave attention to such a degree that I bet when you attend funerals you regret you are not the corpse. If the Canadian government were to introduce a tax on brains, you would definitely get a refund.

keVRON enron - Oh yeah, you definitely have a sixth sense, unfortunately you show no evidence of the other five.

And the others here must be dentists as their remarks bored me to tears.

As for the cesspool czar, without the contents of my blog to get his yucky juices flowing, he would be munching on those humpty dumpty chips all 24/7 and sending out a stink throughout his mother's basement. Idiot, numbskull.

Metro said...

Hmmm ... It makes almost as much sense, and displays the same crippling overabundance of ego as Doodoo; combined with stupidity so dense it's a wonder light can escape it.

Can we keep it, CC? Please? It's so nice to have the intellectual pinnacle of Conservative thought right here in your comment thread, isn't it?

And if it isn't actually Dopo, well who cares really? It's every bit as good as the real thing!

KEvron said...

"Can we keep it, CC? Please?"

you're cleaning up after it, sgt pinback.


Bismark said...

Isn't this puerile bilge coming from the same person who moaned about name-calling by "leftists" a while back?

Metro said...

Okay, on second thought throw it back. There's no good eatin' on one of those things.

And hey ... Pinback was a conservative blogger!

"I do not like the men on this spaceship. They are uncouth and fail to appreciate my better qualities."

Substitute "spaceship" with "comment thread" and you have Dodo!

MariaS said...

Metrosexual - how are your knees holding up sucker upper? You need to carry an extra pair of knee caps as you are soon going to wear out the ones you have, given the amount of time you are on your knees in front of the cesspool czar. sheeesssh. Dumbass


CC said...

Says the screechy twit whose dream is to get a pair of Glenn Beck's used underwear for Christmas.

Yes, Maria, why don't you lecture us on the classlessness of mindless sycophancy? This should be entertaining.

KEvron said...

okay, metro's a keeper.


Metro said...

Dodo, darling:
You think you're a wit? Well you're half right.

I'm not sucking up to anyone. But I am being rather critical of you.

That's what you get for trying to pimp yourself out as a "free-speech" blogger while sewing your comment section shut to the reality-based community. Because this is where the cognitive dissonance, the manifest hypocrisy kicks in.

You may notice that YOUR name-calling and commentary (to give it a name beyond justification) is permitted here. As are the legions of responses slapping down your attempts. Because we're all mean and stuff like that, I guess.

I'd simply like to see you offer the same courtesy to your visitors. Because Conservatives are all about teh civil discourse. At least that's what they keep telling us as they moderate their comment sections out of existence.

Not that it matters. I read a couple of your posts, once. And I can safely say that I'd rather take my chances with the Timecube. It makes just that much more sense.