Monday, October 05, 2009

And when snark doesn't work, you just look like a dick.

It's not the good news that's so amusing:

Waitrose dumps Fox News in protest over remarks about Barack Obama

... Waitrose, which prides itself more on its "quality food, honestly priced" than staring down rightwing attack dogs, has become the latest firm to pull its ads from Fox News after presenter Glenn Beck's remarks about the US president.

It's this innocuous snippet buried further down in the piece:

An angry Waitrose shopper who emailed the chain to express his distaste over its decision "to be associated with this particular form of rightwing cant" received an apology last week.

Which prompted this particularly embarrassing retort in the comments section:

I guess those who patronise Waitrose write longhand and don't have access to a spellchecker.

Apparently, right-winger illiteracy is not a North American phenomenon.


Ti-Guy said...

I had to read that whole comment section at Comment is Free to figure out the "embarrassing retort."

He was making a joke...suggesting the emailer had misspelled "cunt."

It's actually mildly mirthful.

Niles said...

thank for the work, tg. I was baffled as to what the reference was erroneously presumed to be, because the comment as was, made sense.

It's hard trying to figure out what people like that are projecting on to something.

vw: chumbb - the fatty fish guts tossed overboard for the feeding frenzy of stoopidly dumb to commence.

Dr.Dawg said...

I agree with TG--I laughed out loud when I saw that comment. In fact, you sly dog, that's why I thought you included the snippet, although your ending confused me.

KEvron said...

nah, "rightwing cunt" works for me.


CC said...

Embarrassingly, my mind never even went in that direction. How ... odd.