Monday, May 11, 2009

Remember, boys and girls ...

It's only patronage when the Liberals do it.

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Frank Frink said...

The problem here, LuLu, isn't so much that it's patronage. That part of it is always expected. We all know that the pigs of respective hue are lined up at the slop trough.

The problem here is not their party affiliation so much as who they are, and who and what they represent - ideological change within our institutions by slow, stealthy, incremental change.

"One way to change Canada is to destroy the institutions created by your enemies," said Stephen Clarkson, a prominent author and University of Toronto political scientist.

"You transform them by putting your people in to turn a Liberal institution into a Conservative institution, or maybe even drive it into the ground."

Well, that and the hypocrisy of their vaunted *cough* 'open, transparent and accountable' *cough* governance.