Sunday, May 10, 2009

Don't poke the retard! Too late ...

Spare a few seconds to revisit the Twatsiness of it all:

Undercover Police Officers, Clearly. Agents du Provacateurs [sic]? Hardly.
Still much ado over nothing

And via Cliff over at Rusty Idols from a couple months back (emphasis Twatsifically added):

Now Quebec activist and Poli-Sci Professor Francis Dupuis-Déri has used access to information requests to acquire police records of the operation. Records that, among other things, reveal that at least three of the undercover officers in the unit were listed as 'Provocateurs'.

Poor Twats -- still 0 for infinity. You should be getting used to that by now. I blame the mullet.

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Audrey II said...

Which of these examples of Ross-rhetoric will be the most likely response:

"So what you're saying is (insert something that you're not saying, that you've never said, and which isn't at all implied by anything you've ever said)".

"Yes, but you didn't condemn your man X when he said Y".

"It's nice to see you coming down on the wrong side of law and order. Of course, it isn't at all surprising that dishonest people like you hate the police".