Monday, May 04, 2009

Cue the faux outrage in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Blogging Tory "Gay and Right" Fred is livid over that whole "human shield" thing:

Are the Taliban holding 2,000 civilians as shields????

What, did they get this strategy from the Palestinians???

Taliban militants were holding 2,000 people in Buner district of restive North West Frontier Province in Pakistan to use them as human shields in case the army attacked.

Yeah, where did they get that strategy, Fred? Oh ...

Israel Used Palestinian Children as Human Shields in Gaza

On Monday, March 23rd the Israeli Army was accused by two different sources of using children as human shields in its recent war against Gaza. The British website reported that Israel was accused by three Palestinian teens of using them as “human shields” during the recent Gazan massacre. During the war, Israel frequently defended its killing of Gazan civilians by claiming that Hamas was deliberately hiding among the Palestinian population and that civilians were merely“collateral damage.” But now the Guardian is reporting that Israel is in breach of the Geneva conventions by putting civilians deliberately in harm’s way.

Three teenager brothers (Al'a al-Attar, age 14, Ali, age 15, and Nafiz, age 16) told the Guardian that on January 5th they “were taken from their home at gunpoint, made to go in front of tanks to prevent Hamas fighters from firing, and sent by Israeli soldiers into Palestinian houses to clear them.”

And why should we trust the Guardian? Let's keep reading:

The Israelis have unwittingly supplied their own incriminating evidence to corroborate the stories of using civilians as shields. An Israeli Army magazine shows Nafiz, shortly after his kidnapping, bound and blindfolded. His brother, Al'a al-Attar, told the Guardian that “They would make us go first, so if any fighters shot at them the bullets would hit us, not them." Ali and Nafiz also told the Guardian that the three of them were taken through their town of Attartra by an Israeli Army patrol. The children were ordered to stop by the soldiers who then would fire their weapons over the boys' shoulders and between their legs. The boys also told of being forced to march along with Israeli tanks.

Ali and Al'a were used as shields for five days by the Israelis before they were released in the midst of an ongoing firefight to fend for themselves. Nafiz was taken to Israel where he was interrogated and beaten. After three days of this abuse he was finally released.

In the same magazine’s online edition there is a piece entitled, "For a week and a half they lived with a family of Palestinians whose home became their stronghold." In the article, an Israeli Army officer brags of using the house as his military base while keeping the Palestinian family downstairs. He states, "At the top floor of the house we have established an improvised operational room and soldiers' bedroom, we have opened firing positions and observation points in the three additional rooms. In addition, we have established another guarding position on the entrance door of the family home." This is also a violation of international law and puts civilians in danger.

We now return you to Blogging Tory "Gay and Right" Fred, who is only outraged by using people as human shields when someone other than the Israelis do it. 'Cuz that's just the way Fred rolls.


Ti-Guy said...

Fred Litwin: Hating Muslims all day, every day.

Dee said...

Afghanis probably think we've worn out our welcome.

Next shipment?? Swine infected with a virus. Let's see if the U.S. military thumpers will smear more excrement on the Afghanis.

Renee said...

I like how The Guardian is "a British website."