Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Because even thuggish, neo-Nazis have their Blogging Tory groupies.

Hey, kids, remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Apparently, the good sheriff was recently hobnobbing with some less-than-reputable characters. No worries, though ... I suspect Sheriff Joe is always going to have his adoring fans:

That would, of course, be one of Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories -- "Neo [Nazi] Conservative." But you'd probably already guessed that, right?


Wayne said...

Goodwin's Law as usual. Slow News Day????? Neo Nazi Conservatives!!!!

What about the "Lunatic Fringe" Greens or the "Communist" NDP or the "Socialist" Liberals. Oh ya, they want free range criminals.

The fact that Sheriff Joe Arpaio found a great way to house prisoners, piss you off, why?

Still a bunch of moonbats.

CC said...

Um ... Wayne? Godwin's Law refers to the inevitability of comparing someone to Hitler at some point during a discussion. It has nothing to do with simply pointing out that someone explicitly supports neo-Nazis. There's a difference.

And it's "Godwin," not "Goodwin." Still as stupid as ever, I see.

P.S. And I notice that Sheriff Arpaio's history of physically assaulting handicapped people doesn't piss you off. Colour me so not surprised.

thwap said...

Uh, CC?

You've already banned this useless sack of stupid shit twice.

You ought not to be wasting your time talking to the stupid fuck. Delete his idiocy and move on.

And sorry if I'm telling you how to run your own blog, but I loathe that vile cretin and you did ban him.

Niles said...

Arpaio and his ilk are a godsend to any movie maker being told that tyrannical, corrupt law enforcement reps aren't the acceptable villain anymore, because no one can be that reprehensible and stay on the job in North America's media frenzy arena...right?

And I'm not talking about pink clothes. Nor would anyone that actually looks into the facts of that county scene. But hey, facts and fools are well parted.

Stimpson said...

Oh, I can easily imagine a Hollywood hero treatment for Arpaio. It would be a lot like the way Lean On Me portrayed a high school principal who walked the halls with a baseball bat. Arpaio would be portrayed as a realistic tough guy; his critics would be portrayed (a la Leon On Me) as nearly insufferable for daring to question his leadership style. Easy peasy.

CC said...

I'm guessing the part where he kills a mentally-retarded man would end on the cutting room floor. Time constraints, you know.

Stimpson said...

Yup, probably. Or it'll be portrayed as an sad incident that bleeding hearts and trouble makers blew out of proportion to attack the hero.

Frank Frink said...

Ah, I so missed Wayne. No, really!

Invisible Dragon said...

Hm. Nice coincidence. I was indulging my shameful "true crime" addiction just this morning, watching ID, and learned about a con artist (maybe) who embarrassed the crap out of Joe Arpaio. It made me giggle a little.

Beijing York said...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- another douche that deserves flushing down the toilet.