Sunday, May 03, 2009

Are you still talking?

Dear Bigotry Barbie:

This may come as a complete shock to someone as narrow-minded as you but "traditional marriage" needs far more protection in the bible-thumping, family values red states than it does in the islamocommiehomofemiabortifascist blue ones.

Makes a person wonder, doesn't it?

Yours in endlessly superior tolerance,

P.S. The Miss California Pageant called -- they want their boobs back.


sooey said...

Why would a REAL woman need breast implants? I think we need to see her vagina. She could be a man for all we know.

Balbulican said...

It's worse than that, Sooey.

" In a study conducted by Dr. Marianne Neifert and colleagues at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, women who had breast surgery were three times more likely to have lactation insufficiency than those that did not have breast surgery. The doctors compared the rate of weight gain of breastfed infants born to mothers who either did or did not have previous breast surgery. Mothers whose babies did not gain at least one ounce per day, or who required supplemental feedings with formula, were deemed to have lactation insufficiency. Interestingly, the women who had breast surgery through an incision in the nipple area (periareolar incision) had even higher rates of problems. Those women were five times more likely to have insufficient milk compared to women without breast surgery."

In other words, the Poster Girl for Traditional Family Values callously and selfishly put her reproductive future at risk, and endangered the dietary future of her precious preborn, for the sake of bigger boobs.

Shocked, I am. Also appalled. Yes, yes. Shocked and appalled.