Friday, February 13, 2009

It's the word "fixated" that did it for me, Sara.

Over at Jack's Newswatch Wanker Grill and Oyster Bar, Blogging Tory "Choice for Childcare" Sara is baffled by the accusations against Super Mom Nadya Suleman:


What makes you think she has mental issues? Because she has 14 kids, or the fact she used artificial insemination.

Gee, Sara, I have no idea ... maybe this:

Octuplets' mother fixated on babies
3 days ago

The mother of octuplets said she was "fixated" on having children, as pictures of the eight babies were unveiled for the first time ...

She said: "I know now that I may or may not have really deep down wanted that many siblings, but at the time I was so focused and fixated on wanting so many that I just kept going."

Here in the real world, Sara, the word "fixated" is generally considered a danger signal. But, hey, that's just us.


Sara said...

I wanted more kid, my career is my children....

Am I insane as well?

If a mother with a hubby or spouse had 14 kids, would you brand her as a lazy mom too?

CC said...

Gosh, Sara, miss the point much?