Thursday, February 12, 2009

In a few short days ...

I will look back and wish that I was only as tired as I am right now.

I’ve got 2 bids careening madly off a cliff and only 7 days to save them, boys and girls -- looks like my office is now my new home. And as good as I am at my job -- and I am exceptional at it -- I’m not feeling very optimistic.

As my snarky online support group, I just thought you all needed to know that. Don't you feel loved?


Romantic Heretic said...

Good luck and all that.

I'm can relate I've got three epic length novels (120K plus words each) to write and polish by the end of August.

Well one and a half. My co-writer is responsible for the other one and a half.

Still, going to be tricky.

I'm sure you'll do it.

sassy said...

I'm generally not good at snark but do offer my support.

All you can do is give it your best shot . . . chips will fall where they may. Your one person Saint Lulu.

sassy said...

You're not Your

liberal supporter said...

You've got to focus, Trinity. You can make it.

psa said...

cocktails, not just for breakfast anymore.