Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Open thread: CPoC broken promises edition.

Busy day today, so why don't you enumerate all of Stephen Harper's broken promises and flip-flops since taking office? Be specific. Give references.


thwap said...

The Accountability Act

(the pogge link sources the Toronto Star, but the pogge address was shorter.)

M@ said...

Oh! Oh! I got one!

Harper's five priorities, election campaign edition:

Clean up the federal government
Cut taxes
Crack down on crime
Support families
Work with the provinces to establish a Patient Wait Times Guarantee

Harper's five priorities, July "but it's haaaaard!" edition:

Clean up the federal government
Cut taxes
Crack down on crime
Support families
Strengthen our country at home and around the world

Crabgrass said...

I can't recall exactly, but wasn't there an income trust thingie?

Anonymous said...

I can't recall from memory because I rarely listen to the Harpies. Every time they open their mouths, all I hear is a foghorn or a high-pitched hiss.

Radical Centrist said...

Promising to exclude non-renewable resource revenue from the equalization formula - it now looks like that won't happen although no final decision has been taken.

Also, promising to fix the fiscal imbalance. They won't even call it that anymore - it's the "fiscal balance" and hence doesn't need fixing. Plus all the spare change is now going to the debt.

Crabgrass said...

from My Blahg (via Ed at The Vitriolic Pulpit)...

"A Conservative Government will restore democratic accountability in the House of Commons by allowing free votes. A Conservative Government will make all votes free, except for the budget and main estimates. On issues of moral conscience, such as abortion, the definition of marriage and euthanasia, the Conservative Party acknowledges the diversity of deeply held personal convictions among individual Party members and the right of Members of Parliament to adopt positions in consultation with their constituents and to vote freely."

The Seer said...

Back when we were discussing Kitchner Conservative's point that it's just so tacky to interrupt a public gathering addressing cancer funding to whine on and on about the deaths of bunches of foreigners, KC contributed another insight, in the comments, that, it seems, most Canadians missed. "[K]eep in mind," KC reminded us, "the press isn't the offical opposition, is it?" KC continued "There [are] people who are elected that are given job to keep the government accountable."

May I now remind you that none of us have been elected to keep Stephen accountable. I, personally, am not presumptuous enough to try to hold Stephen accountable, especially for trivial things like being for this or that before he was against it.

Unless were have been elected to the loyal opposition, those of us who seek to hold Stephen accountable must be part of the disloyal opposition.

Oh Canada!

Anonymous said...

CPoc Broken Promises:
* No unelected Senators = Fortier
* Open and transparent, MPs consult with constituents = Emerson
*Guaranteed Patient Wait Times = no timeline, no parameter study group on Aboriginal Pre-Natal Care, and Aboriginal Type-II Diabetes
* Income Trusts
* Accountability = unaccounted $1.9 Million, stonewalling on handing over the books for past election and convention