Tuesday, July 25, 2023

It was only a matter of time ...

... before Ezra Levant hopped on a plane to fellate Hungary's fascist leader in public:

Read the entire Wayback Machine-archived article to be suitably creeped out by the dripping overtones of fascism and dictatorship.


thwap said...

Ezra, like Zelensky, is walking a pretty fine line, consorting with anti-Semites and outright nazis, just for personal gain.

In Levant's case, pandering to right-wing dullards.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't so long ago that Ezra and his ilk were crowing about the triumph of the Right in Europe. I think it was the rise of Trump that empowered this resurgence of racist, blinkered insularity across Europe, from the triumph of Brexit to the rise of fascism in Hungary, Poland, Spain, France and Italy - most of them "Catholic" nations with deep, strong, centuries-old anti-Semitic roots, who cheerfully shifted from unfashionable Judenhasse to the more fashionable hatred of Muslims.
None of that is wearing very well.

Anonymous said...

On a side note, I think Ezra may be getting exhausted. He's certainly not trying very hard any more.
- His "fact-finding" tour to investigate what was "really going on" in Marseilles amounted to a couple of chats with taxi drivers who confirmed Ezra's assessment that the violence was was all the fault of Muslims who failed to "adjust".
- His planned "fact-finding investigation" of the Middle East is simply a commercial "Holy Land Tour" package, at roughly double the cost of an identical tour through a regular travel agency. Previous Rebel junkets (sorry, FACT FINDING Missions) have at least promised an array of "celebrity" right wing guests like Daniel Pipes and Milo Yiannopoulos. This times, it's just the same weary Rebel team, which begs the question: who on Earth would pay double to hear what the Menzoid or Sheila Gunn-Davies have to say about Middle Eastern history? (I mean, Sheila was completely astonished on their last trip to discover that there were actually MUSLIMS living in the occupied territories.)
- The wave of new contributors brought on late last year faded away almost immediately. A pity, because a couple of them could actually write. I assume they discovered that association with a publication whose only editorial policy is "Make People Hate Trudeau" is not necessarily a stepping stone to the Pulitzer.

What energy remains at the Rebel seems to be centred in Australia, where convicted wife-beater and professional hatemonger Avi Yemeni continues his "shrieking gotcha questions at amused politicians who ignore him" with no apparent lack of enthusiasm.