Saturday, July 22, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: JUXTAPOSE!

Man whose entire shtick for years has been to dismiss his critics as stupid will now lecture us on the classlessness of calling people stupid:

You can't make this stuff up. Seriously, you can't.

P.S. Patrick Ross, who owes me over $100K because, years ago, he thought it was knee-slappingly funny to publicly accuse me of pedophilia, is currently mocking someone by referring to them publicly with the creative nickname of "Pedochuckles."

I see another defamation lawsuit in Patrick's future. It's like that boy is incapable of learning a lesson.


Anonymous said...

Patrick is a hypocrite about almost everything, but he's funniest when he's lecturing everybody about the evils of socialism, considering he's happily taken advantage of publicly-funded bankruptcy, letting the rest of society pick up the tab for his irresponsibility. Or at least, that's how it would have worked if he hadn't been such an asshole and fucked up his bankruptcy this badly.

And don't get me started on when he lectures others on fiscal responsibility and accountability. That's *truly* hilarious.

CC said...

One of Patrick's more pathetic examples of hypocrisy is that he LOVES to accuse others of "ad hominem" attacks (he doesn't actually understand what the phrase means, but he loves using it).

The hypocrisy is that he is a Jordan Peterson fanboi, and if anyone takes issue with some position of Peterson's, Patrick's only comeback is, "Yeah, well he's a tenured Ph.D. and you're not, so obviously you're wrong." Patrick never addresses the criticism; he simply dismisses the critic as not having Peterson's academic background.

Patrick is truly a hypocrite of the first order.

MgS said...

Anonymous @ 6:13: Regarding his bankruptcy, one of the biggest bits of irony there is that he went into bankruptcy specifically to dodge his obligations to CC - now that has been decoupled from the bankruptcy entirely.

So, he has all of the limitations and constraints of being bankrupt, is trying to “live below the radar” (while still having a significant social media presence), _AND_ he still owes that money - in spite of numerous opportunities for settlement well below the amount of the original judgment.

He’s a special kind of stupid.

thwap said...

Truth can be crazier than fiction. Like, really fucking fucked in the head crazy.

Anonymous said...

Patrick has not suffered in the slightest by accusing you of pedophilia, and his family has just ensured he will continue to not suffer. However infotaining you find the Will, you are only seeing the top 1% of the iceberg.

RossOwesDay said...

Anon 9:33: If Ken and the Ross family were actually wealthy:

1) None of them would live in the Lloydminster area.

2) Twatsy's sister Penny wouldn't be in dire straits financially due to a deadbeat father of her five kids.

3) They wouldn't all be obese.

Augray said...

Anonymous @ 9:33 AM: I'm puzzled how you can claim that Patrick "has not suffered in the slightest by accusing you of pedophilia". After all, he's had (as I recall) a few thousand dollars seized from at least one bank account. Worse, he's dug himself a debt hole so deep that he'll probably never be able to climb out of it. Also, I'm puzzled as to the source for your claim that "his family has just ensured he will continue to not suffer." How have they done that? By ensuring that his father died? I suspect that his suffering to date has just been a preamble for what's to come, now that his dad isn't around.

As for Patrick defending Jordan Peterson, for a clinical psychologist, Peterson has a jaw-dropping lack of self-awareness. He once said that, in his experience, women only tolerate sex, and then asked why they pretend to enjoy it with other men. It's apparently never occurred to him that they're not pretending with other men, and that the problem is with him.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 9:33 am: Patrick, you're being uncharacteristically shy and retiring. By all means, sign your posts here: you're always welcome.

I'm assuming that was Patrick, since I find it difficult to believe there could believe there are TWO people on the planet who don't think that the life of a bankrupt fugitive hiding in his mommy's basement with no prospects of adult employment, a relationship, or solvency in his future isn't "suffering".