Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Time to see what's in that will.

Just yesterday, I was in contact with both the Saskatchewan Sheriffs and an entity called the Saskatchewan Wills & Estates Registry, where anyone can pay $20 for a search for a given will; either I or the Sheriffs will be filing that application in the immediate future for the last will and testament of Kenneth "Ken" Ross.

It's not clear whether I have any interest in who the executor is, but rumour has it that it is one Penny Ross, one of Patrick's siblings, although that is only speculation.

In any event, forms are being filled out, and applications applied, so developments are marching forward, whether Patrick Ross answers his front door or not.

P.S. While this is not related to the above, what follows might become relevant as I am considering filing a Notice of Libel against Patrick for (you guessed it) defamation. Based on what, you ask? Based on Patrick's numerous claims that he is currently suing me for defamation.

He is not.

I have explained this more than once -- while Patrick has blathered on about suing me, he has never, at any time, properly served me with a Notice of Libel or Statement of Claim. He knows this, and I have it on good authority that publicly claiming to be suing someone when you are not is textbook defamation and actionable.

There is a certain irony here, is there not?

P.P.S. In case you want to know what I'm talking about above, here is just a single example of Patrick assuring everyone that not only is he currently suing me, but that I am currently losing said lawsuit:

There are numerous other examples of the above lie in Patrick's Twitter timeline, and I have screenshots of all of them.

WAIT, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE? It occurs that Patrick's father's will is not the only will to be interested in; in fact, Patrick's mother passed away in July of 2020 so there is another will that might have resulted in an inheritance for Patrick, so I will be filing for a copy of that as well. And pursuant to the rumours of farmland once upon a time, it might be prudent to check out the grandparents and who they left everything to.

It's time to go hunting.


Anonymous said...

Given how much Patrick owes you, what is the point in suing him for defamation again? What would you get out of it?

thwap said...

He could have spent all those years learning to fish and hunt. Learning how to grow a kitchen garden with medicinal herbs. Build a well. Build a small house.

Or, he could have accepted that lowered $30,000 defamation burden and worked (like a good "conservative" who believes in the rule of law and personal responsibility for the consequences of one's actions) to pay it off.

CC said...

thwap: I don't think you appreciate just how favourable a bankruptcy ruling that was in Patrick's favour back in 2014. (I was so disgusted by it I was thinking of appealing it, but finally decided to just let it go.)

Typically, when you're found to be responsible for your bankruptcy, the standard is that you should pay, as a Conditional Discharge Order (CDO), at least *half* of the full outstanding amount, even if it takes years. Patrick was ordered to pay *significantly* less than that, and spread over 14 years, at only $200/month.

More to the point, after either two or three years, he had the right to just pay off the outstanding amount in one shot. In other words, he could have worked full time, paid a pittance of $200/month for a couple years, saved his money from working in the oil patch, and handed over less than $30,000 and been out of bankruptcy *entirely* after two (or three) years.

Instead, here we are, with Patrick owing me over $100,000, still in bankruptcy (and possibly still having to pay the outstanding amount on his CDO *in additon* to what he owes me), debt increasing by over $500/month, and currently the target of Saskatchewan Sheriffs collection proceedings that is about to target whatever inheritance he has been bequeathed. And currently being hunted by *other* process servers if the rumours I hear are true.

Ironically, Patrick is currently shrieking at people on Twitter, telling them how stupid they are.

You can't make this stuff up.

CC said...

Anon @ 4:41 AM: There are a number of benefits to my suing Patrick Ross for defamation a second time, based on his published lies that he is currently suing me.

Given his history of defamation, I will have no trouble convincing a court that he is doing it yet again, so there is little doubt I would win that case and get more costs and damages.

Also, since Patrick would (as always) insist on representing himself, he would have to provide a proper and legal address for service where he could be served, so I would be assured of knowing where he is living.

Finally, as part of the proceedings, I would be able to question him under oath, and I would absolutely require him to disclose all of the inheritance information I am currently after, plus where he lives and works, that sort of thing.

Yes, there are all sorts of reasons to sue Patrick again.

Anonymous said...

Are you still looking for proof that Patrick is living at the Lloydminster address? I can always swing by and take a picture.

CC said...

Anon @ 6:55 AM: I am *absolutely* looking for any evidence (photographic or otherwise) as to where Patrick is hanging his bib these days. In particular, I am most definitely interested in any photos of who/what is currently parking at the Lloyd residence. (Despite Patrick's recent shrieking, there is nothing unlawful about taking pictures of someone's house as long as you're standing on public property.)

More to the point, I would like pics of vehicles WITH license numbers, but do NOT post such pictures publicly; send them to me *privately* so I can have the appropriate authorities decide what to do about them.

Thank you kindly.

Anonymous said...

The death of a patriarch is a wrenching, terrible time in the life of any family, even the most loving and stable ones. If Patrick is an example of the level of resilience within the Ross clan, and if his intransigence and stupidity prove to be a monkey wrench in the smooth execution of his own dad's last wishes, I can't see his sibs being too eager to conspire with him. In addition to wrecking his own life, I suspect he's writing himself into the family history as "the asshole who REALLY fucked us all".
I guess I shouldn't take such malicious pleasure in contemplating Patrick's woes, but I do. I'll say three Hail Marys.

CC said...

I have nothing personal against the rest of Patrick's family, but I will do whatever it takes to collect what Patrick owes me, and I am utterly uninterested if it fucks the rest of those hillbillies out of what they expect in the way of an inheritance.

I want my money, and I will happily step over the corpses of whoever has to be sacrificed to get it.