Thursday, July 06, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Keep me posted.

UPDATE, JULY 8: For what should be obvious reasons, I would be interested in knowing if Patrick has been visiting any financial institutions in the Lloydminster area, possibly opening another bank/credit union account in his ongoing efforts to conceal his salary from me. So if anyone sees Patrick at a bank and can send me that info, that would be just ducky.

Also, I would very much like to know the make, model and license number of Patrick's current wheels. Do NOT leave that in the comments; email it to me at

At the moment, I have little else to contribute to the current situation related to the passing of Kenneth "Ken" Ross and how Patrick Ross is going to financially cope with that or the processing of the will or the disposition of the Lloydminster property or anything else. I have passed on all of the information I have at hand to all of the interested parties (lawyers, sheriffs, etc.) and am going to leave it in their hands.

If anyone runs across new information in terms of where Patrick is living or working (I still have a ruling that allows me to garnish Patrick's wages from any employment in Saskatchewan), you can let me know and I will pass that on as well. At the moment, I am waiting to hear from my new contact at the Saskatchewan Sheriffs as to what jurisdiction they have to investigate the will and the disposition of the estate.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone live-streaming the Ken Ross Remembrance service? Can anyone follow Patrick from there to see where he's staying? Or what vehicles are in the driveway of the house?

CC said...

I'd rather no one did that. As much as I loathe Patrick, that's no justification for intruding on a remembrance. But I'm definitely interested in where he might go after that if it reveals where he's staying. I think that's fair game, but not interfering with the remembrance itself.

Anonymous said...

Patrick was seen going in to his dad's home yesterday but when approached a few minutes later by a woman and a man he wouldn't answer the door. He did peak out the living room window. After several attempts the servers left.

I won't say how I know this happened because of Patrick's attempt to have someone arrested for taking a picture.

Patrick is living there.

CC said...

Anon @ 2:41 PM: Dare I ask how you concluded the two individuals were process servers? Although that's a reasonable assumption if they were waiting to serve him, and they showed up only minutes after he arrived home.

I suspect that, in the near future, there will be more visits and more peekings out from behind curtains. But that's just a guess.

Anonymous said...

@CC: I ran in to Patrick doing errands on my day off and spent an hour of my time attempting to ascertain if he was on a lunch break and heading back to work.

Instead he went home. As the woman and man were walking to their vehicle I asked if they were attempting service on Patrick as I was. Because Patrick tried to have someone arrested for taking a picture of his driveway I keep materials in the car to explain why I'd be at the house or following him.

They wished me luck because they knew he was there but refused answer the door. We sat around for a while to see if Patrick would leave but he didn't so I left to resume my errands.

CC said...

Anon @ 11:15 AM: Sorry for delay in comment approval, I'm scampering back to Canada, currently in premium lounge at Lisbon Airport chugging champagne from a pint mug. Thanks for the info, it's definitely useful in warning my contacts about how Patrick is still refusing to co-operate, which will make it far easier to apply for additional sanctions against him.

As I've mentioned before, I'm lucky in that I have substituted service on Patrick, making it unnecessary to track him down and serve him personally. I *am* fascinated as to how there are now *three* parties serving (or about to serve) Patrick. It is also immensely useful to have evidence of that lack of co-operation since, as I understand it, when a process server attempts to serve someone and they refuse to answer the door, part of the report of the server is to point out how it was clear someone was home but did not answer. I already have years of documentation of that behaviour on Patrick's part, and every time he does it again, it just buries him deeper.

This is also why it's important to figure out where Patrick is working, since it's entirely reasonable to try to serve Patrick at work if he refuses to accept service at "home." It's also not clear Patrick even has the right to be living at the Lloyd residence, depending on the contents of the will.

In any event, I would still like updates on Patrick's travels, and anyone else's success or failure in serving him.

MgS said...

It’s very unfortunate that our laws are set up in such a way that civil judgments are left entirely in the hands of the other party, and there are such limited tools for enforcement. This kind of duck-and-weave that Patrick’s been doing for years should be enough to escalate to more serious enforcement tools being applied.

Anonymous said...

Patrick is having quite the meltdown over at his "outlawtory" account, insulting everyone and fuck this and fuck that and fuck you and fuck everybody else. I don't think he's having a good week. I saw him on YouTube at the remembrance and he looks *really* unhealthy ... bloated, receding hairline, way overweight. Isn't he just 40 or so? Holy shit, but he doesn't look good. My 60-YO father looks in way better shape.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing that Patrick is a big winner in the inheritance game and it seems he needs to travel to another province to claim it. ???

CC said...

Anon @ 5:29 PM: Can you expound on your comment?