Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Wherein Rebel News has apparently gone full-metal "Epoch Times."

To follow up on a couple recent posts, it's only lately that I've been educated that the Rebel News media outlet seems to have climbed into the sleeping bag with the bird cage liner called "The Epoch Times," to the point where Rebel's fake journos are not even trying to hide their overt promotion of that rag. Here's Rebel hack, creepy Greta Thunberg stalker and "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" backup singer Keean Bexte openly pimping ET in a piece from just yesterday:

This follows hot on the heels of Rebel's Ezra Levant just flat-out telling readers to subscribe to the same rag:

none of which should come as any surprise given that Der Rebel has recently added someone from Epoch Times to its "advisory board":

At this point, is one allowed to speculate that Rebel News has somehow been co-opted by The Epoch Times in return for financial support? Who the hell knows? But Rebel's now ongoing promotion of The Epoch Times seems just a little creepy.

BONUS TRACK: A couple more observations related to the possibility that Rebel News could very well now be nothing more than the Canadian branch office of The Epoch Times. First, I'm sure it's just a coincidence that Rebel is now advertising a position for a "China Affairs reporter":

That's moderately amusing, but if you bother to visit that page and read to the bottom, something jumps out at you:

As most people know, Rebel brags relentlessly about how its ideological purity and integrity doesn't allow it take take money "from the government." Fair enough, that's their choice, but it's the next sentence that might be just a wee bit problematic.

See, if Rebel has entered into any financial arrangement with The Epoch Times to promote ET in return for, say, financial assistance or sponsorship, then Rebel's insistence that it relies "entirely on [our] audience" would be -- how shall we say this diplomatically? -- false.

Quite simply, if The Epoch Times is now, in any way, subsidizing the operation of Rebel News in exchange for favourable coverage, one would think that it's incumbent on Rebel to reveal that to its supporters, who think that they are Rebel's sole source of financial support. I think that would be only fair, no?

In any event, it might be time to start monitoring the barely literate output of Rebel News to see just how regularly it continues to promote The Epoch Times. Maybe we should start a spreadsheet.


Anonymous said...

There's a simple way to tell if Rebel has sold out to ET, and that's if people who signed up to be on Rebel's mailing list suddenly start getting email that is "Sponsored Content" promoting ET. That would mean that Rebel is renting out its mailing list to ET. If there's any evidence that's happening, that would be a dead giveaway.

Anonymous said...

The Rebel sold out to foreign interests long ago. Previously such luminaries as convicted fraud artist and serial thug Tommy Robinson, slanderer and druggie Katie Hopkins and albino fascist Keean Bexte boasted of their "Shillman Fellowships" under their bylines. Ezra attempted to deny this with careful weasel wording, but unfortunately it remains true. https://pressprogress.ca/rebel-medias-jason-kenney-coverage-is-being-funded-with-foreign-money-from-an-anti-muslim-billionaire/

CC said...

I remember the "Shillman Fellowship" bragging, but if you went to Front Page Mag or the David Horowitz Freedom Center that allegedly gave out these utterly worthless, self-stroking fellowships, you never saw Rebel's gang of racist miscreants listed there. It was all very odd.

Anonymous said...


Chuck said...

On an aside, I was looking into the background of Chris “Sky” Saccoccia after seeing his grinning face featured so prominently on dozens of Der Rebel’s recent stories, and this came up: https://dhacondolaw.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/R.-v.-Yu-2019-ONCA-942-002.pdf
Does anyone know if that’s the same Chris Saccoccia? If so it wouldn’t surprise me, The Rebel does seem to like to promote a lot of felons.