Thursday, March 04, 2021

Apparently, Rebel's Keean Bexte has a credibility problem.

Hilarious watching social media tear Rebel News' in-house white nationalist and backup "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" singer Keean Bexte about eight new orifices over his implausible claim that he checked his laptop and other essentials (including, apparently, cancer-prevention meds) with United, who lost it:


Can an emergency fundraiser to replace all this "lost" equipment be far behind? Let's watch.

BONUS TRACK: Is it worth pointing out that Bexte knew he was going into lockdown, and was already preparing for it on the flight home? Yes, this is that much of a choreographed scam:




Anonymous said...

Has that little fascist produced an official United lost baggage report form? Is there any reason to take him seriously?

Anonymous said...

“Cancer-prevention meds”??? What on earth would those be? And is albinism a side-effect?