Thursday, March 11, 2021

Well, blimey, mate.

Gosh, that's a shame.

AFTERSNARK: It was only a year ago that Ezra had trailer park doyenne Sheila Gunn Reid passing around the chicken bucket for Tommy:

And now? Whatever's left of all that dosh is now in the hands of some trustee. Money well spent, Rebel Nation. Money well spent.

OH, MY: This is what is politely known as a scam:

YES,THIS IS CRUEL: I just don't give a shit:


Anonymous said...

And curiously, no new fundraising campaign from Ezra to support his old BFF! I always wondered how those two titanic egos managed to share a room.

Given Tommy's prior convictions for fraud, I guess his current financial collapse isn't a great surprise. His approach to fiscal management always did seem a bit impromptu. Do you recall the hilarious end of the "Chelsea" fundraising campaign?

thwap said...

The rubes who continuously donate to Ezra Levant's bogus causes are desperate to find someone to protect them from government misuse of their hard-earned tax dollars.

Robinson has declared bankruptcy? If he hides from authority/abuses the system/hides from accountability s'more, he might never have to pay anything!

Anonymous said...

Robinson's fundraising has been a string of scams from a convicted fraudster from the word go. I always wondered how Rebel donors felt when he announced he had used their contributions to send Chelsea and her mom on a "nice holiday" because he thought she needed it. (This was the young woman who claimed she had been raped by "Muslim Immigrants" - at least until the police gently informed her that her claim had been debunked by forensic and CCTV evidence, at which point she begged media just to let the whole matter drop. That didn't stop Tommy and Ezra's fundraising, though.)