Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Grifters gonna grift, Episode 24,813.

Because nothing says "Masks are a scam!!" like selling masks for $25.


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Anonymous said...

Well, I dunno. They scored a perfect trifecta of hypocrisy on another COVID marketing opportunity.
a) Ezra claimed that the pandemic was over last summer, and that masking and isolation were useless.
b) The Rebel then started selling semi-official looking, downloadable "exemption" cards stating that the bearer was exempt from any mask wearing required.
c) About that same time, the Rebel began running furious stories about people who claimed to be exempt but were still "persecuted" by, for example, a polite request to show an exemption card.

In other words, the Rebel was simultaneously mocking the existence of the pandemic, selling fictitious exemption cards, and complaining that folks with real medical issues weren't being taken seriously. Unbelievable, really.