Tuesday, March 09, 2021

How to get your stats up, Andrew Chapados-style.

Loyal reader sends me a heads-up about Rebel News hack Andrew Chapados, who seems to be a graduate of the Ezra Levant School of Registering Eleventy Bazillion Domain Names. A basic search for Chapados at Duck Duck Go shows, on the very first page, numerous articles by Chapados at what look like distinct web sites:


But if you look closer, it's odd that every single article across all those sites is, effectively, the same article: "Andrew Chapados takes a look at the numbers ...". But hang on, because it gets way weirder.

If one visits the first site (littlestalin.com) to read Andrew, well, this is what you get:

Um ... OK, not sure what "littlestalin" has to do with COVFEFE, but let's pop over to the second link listed at killingontario.com:

OK, that's kind of creepy ... that a distinct domain name takes you to what is clearly the same site. How about reopeningontario.ca? Jesus ...

And what about those last two -- maddr.ca and masksickness.ca? You guessed it -- exactly the same content.

One wonders what the point is of this tedious repetition, other than to saturate online searches and drive up one's hit rate. Suddenly, Andrew working for Rebel News seems so ... perfect.

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