Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Rebel News who, within microseconds of the Quebec City mosque shooting, suggested a Muslim perpetrator:

will now caution us not to jump to conclusions:

OK, then.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of misinformation; here's a fascinating example of Rebel spin. Ezra's latest begging bowl is labelled "stop spying on us!" He is shocked - SHOCKED!! - to discover that the American and Canadian military are SPYING on the Rebel, and demands...well, as always, it's not quite clear what he's demanding.

Turns out that multiple academic, internet and military research groups in Canada, the US and Australia, were curious about the ways that activists manipulated online discourse and generated tons of toxic misinformation about their political enemies through means like fake YouTube channels and Twitter feeds. They did a painstaking, impeccably detailed analysis of the Canadian media landscape, backtracking posts, stories and comments from 65 different media. And guess what? They decided to devote a special section of their report to the Rebel, because...well, read it for yourself.

CC said...

Awesome ... I'm going to give this piece more visibility. Keep 'em coming.